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Happy Halloween



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Feeling reminiscent today… Last January I wrote the score for a brilliant play, “Forking!” by Daniel Heath, I think the full title was something along the lines of “Fork off on your own forking adventure, which you’ve forked, Forking!”  Needless to say, we just called it Forking.  It was a choose-your-own-adventure play where the audience got to decide which way the plot line ‘Forked’ at critical moments…  yea, seriously, a lot of fun.  It was produced by the ever-entertaining theater company, PianoFight Productions and ran for a month at their theater in San Francisco and for a month down in Hollywood at Theater Asylum.  I had a wonderful time writing the music and performing it live each night, I am endlessly grateful for the experience.



So…. We’re doing it again!!  This time its a holiday Merry Forking Christmas type thing, with a new story and new music.  The show will be running throughout December and into January, check the PianoFight website ( for information in the coming weeks and I hope to see you there… In the meantime, enjoy a little taste of the music from last years show.

Arlen Hart

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a little tune for “u”

Not much explanation here, just sat down and this bass line popped up.  Sounds like a beach luau with a some 50’s rock… hope it warms up your day…  If you come up with some lyrics or feel like singin on this one, give a holler!  a..hart

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for and from joe

So my good friend, Joe Chambers, is moving back to Ireland today.  He was one of two people I knew when I first moved to the Bay, he’s been a foundation and a constantly inspiring artist.  We’ve been working on the track, “Rebel” for about a month and it seems like now is the time to let you all hear it. Below is an example of his artwork, you can check out more at:

White City...

White City - Joe Chambers

Thanks Joe… the Bay won’t be the same without you..



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the storm came this morning, the first rain of the season.  I sat on the porch and listened,  trying to figure out what the song of rain would be.. it’s a timeless piece.  everyone is inspired by the rain in different ways, some feel its joy, some hear the strength and even the anger. so there is not one song of the rain, in fact if you listen closely it is all songs, easily passing from one to the next.  it is the car passing, the leaves, the puddles, the beginning and the end.  so i sat down and improvised on the piano, then put the mic out the window and recorded the sounds of my block in the rain, and if you listen carefully there’s even a little accordion, because everyone loves accordion..



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I got a flower

So this one started in Chicago.  I was sitting at the piano and my mom was telling me some of the days events.  Somewhere between the hardware store and the grocery she said, “Then, I got a flower,” at that moment my fingers discovered this piece, perhaps you can hear the words in the melody.
The rest of the piece progressed with the story of a girl who has just been given her first flower.  First, she is fragile and maybe even confused , soon she becomes elated and overly joyful.  Then, of course, the “what if’s” begin to sink, ‘what if he doesn’t really like me?’, ‘what if he breaks my heart?’, ‘what if he finds out I’ve never been in love before?’… And the cycle continues

I hope your weekend brings you flowers… Arlen


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this is a piece for remembering / something to hold and something to share…

..arlen hart..

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