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what does it all amount 2, 3, 4..?

Hello Post-Thanksgiving world–  I am glad to be back at work here on 54th street in Oakland, thank you for your patience between posts. I put up this song awhile ago as an instrumental titled, “One Cup”.  The piece screamed out for a certain female vocalist, and she clearly delivered.  Njimole is a true singer and composer, her voice recalls the great jazz singers, but is still completely her own.  She will also be featured on my upcoming album, “New Peace”.  Here she did something I never would have come up with, making this song playful in a beautiful way.  It’s amazing to hear someone else interpret your art (especially when they are creating at the same time).  It shows that we cannot see everything, yet when we allow ourselves to honestly listen we can see just a little bit more.

Arlen Hart

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the storm came this morning, the first rain of the season.  I sat on the porch and listened,  trying to figure out what the song of rain would be.. it’s a timeless piece.  everyone is inspired by the rain in different ways, some feel its joy, some hear the strength and even the anger. so there is not one song of the rain, in fact if you listen closely it is all songs, easily passing from one to the next.  it is the car passing, the leaves, the puddles, the beginning and the end.  so i sat down and improvised on the piano, then put the mic out the window and recorded the sounds of my block in the rain, and if you listen carefully there’s even a little accordion, because everyone loves accordion..



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this morning in oakland…

wrote this song this morning.. recorded the whole piece during my morning cup of tea…  hence the name “One Cup”



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gotta start somewhere

..something new from my room to you…



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