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so I’m packing for new york, and I figured I gotta drop somethin on the blog before i take off..  This track was recorded a few months ago, it’s something I wrote specifically for a vocalist, but she didnt work out so Degi graced us with his amazing voice.  Degi runs the studio where we recorded the track (also where we just recorded the Toby Dick album)  “Shine” also features one of the greatest drummers I’ve ever encountered Kwic, as well as the always amazing Raul “The Ool” on bass (you may remember both of these guys from Unsmokables).  Anyway, I’m off to NYC to mix the debut Toby Dick album, “It’s Whatever”, so I’ll keep you all updated, but in the mean time feel the joy and lets all help each other and build a peaceful and harmonious world!!


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