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Forking strikes back

Hello from sunny California!!
I’m back out here in Oakland for a month doing the play, “A Merry Forking Christmas”.  This will be the 3rd year PianoFight has put on this show, it opens this Friday and runs thru Dec. 30th.  The piece I posted “Chanty Pt. 2” is a theme I use throughout the play to convey the emotions of Dresdan, the disenchanted security guard.  All the songs from the play are on the album “A Forking Album” which is available on iTunes.  Hope to see you at the show!

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Feeling reminiscent today… Last January I wrote the score for a brilliant play, “Forking!” by Daniel Heath, I think the full title was something along the lines of “Fork off on your own forking adventure, which you’ve forked, Forking!”  Needless to say, we just called it Forking.  It was a choose-your-own-adventure play where the audience got to decide which way the plot line ‘Forked’ at critical moments…  yea, seriously, a lot of fun.  It was produced by the ever-entertaining theater company, PianoFight Productions and ran for a month at their theater in San Francisco and for a month down in Hollywood at Theater Asylum.  I had a wonderful time writing the music and performing it live each night, I am endlessly grateful for the experience.



So…. We’re doing it again!!  This time its a holiday Merry Forking Christmas type thing, with a new story and new music.  The show will be running throughout December and into January, check the PianoFight website (PianoFight.com) for information in the coming weeks and I hope to see you there… In the meantime, enjoy a little taste of the music from last years show.

Arlen Hart

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